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Realizing that you’re a victim of identity theft is stressful and confusing. Trying to resolve the problem on your own can feel overwhelming. Our team has helped millions of fraud victims and is here to help you, too. Aura’s Fraud Resolution Experts are on standby at 1-844-987-0705 to help you place fraud alerts, deal with creditors, and make your identity yours again.


Want to learn more about how your personal info was stolen or how you can prevent identity theft in the first place? Explore these helpful resources for help staying safe online.

Resolution Resources

We’ve made it even easier for you to get the information you need to restore your identity and resolve fraud.

Digital Security 101

Become more informed and educated on the topic of identity theft and privacy-related concerns.

Dark Web Scanner

Find out if your personal data has been exposed in data breaches or on the Dark Web.

Get Informed, Then Take Action

Cybercrime and data breaches are on the rise. Aura can help. Safeguard your family’s personal information by signing up for a free trial today!